USA On-Boarding Process (Contract Tech)

Module 1 Welcome To FW Marsh
Unit 1 Welcome to FW Marsh  
Module 2 Information Forms
Unit 1 QRS008 Iss04 Personal and Travel Information Form  
Unit 2 QRS012 Iss04 Medical Questionnaire Form  
Unit 3 Federal Form W-9 (USA)  
Module 3 Quality Policy Forms
Unit 1 QRS005 Iss02 Anti-discrimination Harassment Policy  
Unit 2 QRS006 Iss04 Background Checks and Drugs/Alcohol testing  
Unit 3 QRS014 Iss07 US Safety Manual  
Unit 4 QRS015 Iss04 Working Hours Policy  
Unit 5 QRS018 Iss05 Required PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)  
Unit 6 QRS020 Iss03 Required Tooling & FOD Control  
Unit 7 QRS027 Iss04 Electronic Device and Social Media Policy  
Unit 8 QRS046 Iss03 Personal Data Consent Policy  
Unit 9 QRS049 Iss01 Integrity Policy  
Unit 10 QRS054 Iss03 FW Marsh Drug and Alcohol Policy  
Unit 11 FW Marsh - Quality Policy Statement Iss 07 Rev 8  
Module 4 Invoice & Expenses Guidelines
Unit 1 QRS023 Iss07 Job Assignment Paperwork Guide  
Unit 2 QRS025 Iss02 US Expense Report (Contractor)  
Unit 3 QRS035 Iss03 US Invoice Template  
Unit 4 Tech Payment Calendar 2023