The dynamic balancing of moving components can significantly reduce wear and tear and avoid high replacement costs and downtime in your plant.

Our staff have over 30 years combined experience in the Dynamic Balancing industry encompassing aerospace, military and commercial applications. All our balancing is carried out in accordance with ISO and MIL specifications, or customer supplied tolerances. Our ongoing commitment is to offer a quality service by the implementation of systems compliant with BS EN ISO 9001.  We cater for one-offs to production quantities and always provide excellent service and a reliable turn around

We provide balancing services and Global engineering support for Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Food processing and Medical Industries.

Our dynamic balancing services cover a variety of components including, but are not limited to:-

    • Gas turbine rotating assemblies
    • Impellors
    • Couplings and drive shafts
    • Fans
    • Armatures
    • Rotors of any kind
    • Drives and idle rollers
    • Flywheels
    • Turbos

EI-30 Dynamic Balancing Machine

A high precision horizontal balancing machine ideal for high speed turbochargers as well as for other low weight rotors up to 30kg. The low inertia soft bearing suspension (SBS) mechanism significantly improves balancing results with the highest precision on almost any kind of rotating parts. With this system, balancing is performed at higher frequencies and the system allows the rotor to spin around its centre of gravity instead of its geometric centre.

The software program can achieve a balancing quality grade higher than ISO G2.5.

Max rotor diameter: 279 mm (11 inches)

Longest distance between supports: 530mm (21 inches)