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One User logs in and is directed to the ‘My Account’ section.

Two User goes to the ‘Forms’ section and chooses to submit a ‘New Form’.

Three User selects which type of form they would like to submit.

Four User fills out the selected form and submits it. The user is no longer able to edit the details of the form.

Five The form is then added to the Workflow (New forms are added every fifteen minutes).

Six Here a site administrator is able to ‘Claim’ the form, whcih then allows them to process it.

Seven Once claimed more options become available, hitting ‘edit’ will allow the admin to view the submitted details and add comments.

Eight Here a site administrator is able to view the submitted details, add comments and then either pass the form back to the user for more information, or pass on to the next step in the Workflow.

Nine A If further information is required, these are requested in the comments section and then when ‘Signing Off’ this step the admin selects ‘Unable to Complete’ which passes the form back to the user who is now able to edit the form details again. And passed back to Step Five.

Nine B If the admin is happy with the information provided, they are able to ‘Sign Off’ the form, which passes it on for final authorisation. They select the appropriate supervisor to approve the form. (This can be themselves if they have this level of responsibility).

Ten The form then appears in the supervisors Workflow inbox for final approval. Again, hitting ‘Edit’ here allows them to view the details entered and either approve or reject the form.

Eleven If satisfied, the supervisor can add final comments for the user, detailing the outcoe and then ‘Sign Off’ and complete the Workflow.

Twelve The form is then marked as complete in the users ‘Forms’ section and is viewable, but no longer editable.